SiteKick is a software application that constantly monitors...

SiteKick is a software application that constantly monitors theavailability of your website (in fact, any number of websites). Whenever the site isn`t reachable SiteKick takes the action youspecify: run a soundfile, popup a window, send e-mail to theaddress you specified, send a second e-mail to a service which converts your e-mail into a message that will be sent to a pageror wireless phone.

SiteKick keeps a log of check results and response times. Theseresponse times are shown in a graph, which will tell you at aglance how your site is performing.

Of course your web hosting service company isn`t the only one responsible for your site`s performance. But a graph of areference server made during the same period showing a muchhigher performance can prove your point.

SiteKick runs on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP machine connected tothe Internet. It can be run in the background: when minimized itreduces itself to an icon in the system tray.